Welcome to Berund Soft Pvt. Ltd.

Berund Soft is a flagship organization of the Berund Group and provides strategic technology solutions especially in the field of health care.

The company at present realizes the problems caused due to air pollution and is now offering innovative solutions with patented technologies. The company is proud to have been selected by NQ Industries,USA as the sole and exclusive importer and distributor of its products in India.

NQ Industries has been rated as amongst the best (Ranked No.1 by achooallergy.com) in air purifications solutions for hospitals in USA (with NASA and US Defence organisations as some of its esteemed clients).

The company is now launching an innovative and patented product called "ODOR GUARD", a nano technology based screen patented and manufactured by NQ Industries to remove bad odor.

Berundsoft is proud to state that the company has designed and developed inhouse, at its headquarters in Bangalore, a device which supports the the nano screen in removing bad odor from toilets.