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Integrated Healthcare Solution

BerundSofts Integrated Healthcare Solution is a framework that is user-friendly and addresses the requirements of both the Doctors and Hospital Administrators, and provides a single-window view of the patients and the hospital as a facility.

Recognizing that certain core processes are common across all hospitals and healthcare establishments, BerundSofts solution is a framework that automates all core processes and can be easily customized to add new process flows based on the specific client requirements. Our Consultants would be pleased to work with your team to configure a suitable solution to address your business requirement.

Hospital Management

BerundSofts Solutions for Healthcare Management delivers value through:

improved healthcare delivery by providing medical personnel with better data access, faster data retrieval, higher quality data and more versatility in data display.
improved efficiency, both on the cost and the clinical care perspective. This is achieved by avoiding duplications, repetitions, delays, missing records and confusions.
ensuring orderliness and standardization of the patient records and procedures in the clinic and increasing accuracy & completeness of medical records of the patients.
gathering information to meet management challenges.

BerundSoft’s Healthcare Management Solutions are comprehensive and provide all the necessary modules required for the functioning of either a stand-alone hospital of a chain of hospitals. The differentiator of the software solutions is the ease of use and the importance given to the clinical data entry by the doctors’, that would help in better clinical documentation and research, and is designed to minimise the time consumed to enter data into the system and retrieve it at the time of the patients’ discharge.

Clinic Management

BerundSofts Medical & Dental Clinic Software System is a user-friendly Clinic Management Software System. This software enables physicians and clinic managers to efficiently manage their clinics' daily operational requirements, and can be deployed either in a single-user mode or in a multi-user networked environment. The emphasis is on the ease of use and portability and is best suited for Healthcare Centres addressing multiple medical specializations, or independent Medical Consultants.

BerundSoft Clinic Software Solution offers modules for the management of the Consultants appointments, specializations, diagnostics, treatment, prescriptions, laboratory analysis reports, and patient-information including history, administrative activities, billing and reports.

The value proposition delivered to the Consultants is that all the information is available in one place in a spreadsheet format. This eliminates the need to look into multiple forms for patients data. The information can be sorted per categories, dates, treatments and doctors.