Consulting Services

Berund Consulting Services, offers highly specialized services in the healthcare space. A medical consultant team is an invaluable tool for healthcare business.

We provide medical advice for a variety of purposes. Our medical consultants are very knowledgeable about the medical community, procedures, and medical facts. Most of our Consultants are successfully practicing doctors, medical technology engineers, medical IT specialists, business management experts, lawyers and healthcare economists.

We act as advisors to the healthcare community like Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Medical device companies and Healthcare business houses, providing help tailored to meet the needs of each individual business.We offer consulting services in the areas of Business Strategy and Management, Optimization of Operational Process , Technology ( Electronic Medical Records using cloud computing technologies) and Infrastructure Planning and Integration, Market survey and feedback, Strategize marketing campaigns,Project Execution and advise in financial matters.

Rapid medical advances and increasing competition and rising patient expectations has resulted in the quest for the ideal cost-to-benefit ratio Our consultants can help you achieve all this.

We also review books and movie or television scripts and check for the accuracy of medical facts and suggest any changes that may need to be made. We also help plan or review advertisements for medical facilities or products. We review for accuracy and to assure that the ad targets the right audience.

Our other strengths are designing new hospitals and other medical facilities,like planning new wings of current buildings for hospitals that want to add on to their current property. We work with a team of architects, engineers, and medical professionals.

We also help medical facilities recruit new physicians. Our consultants help doctors to set up their own practices, helping with any start-up tasks that have to be completed, such as licensing and location finalizing matters.We also provide assessments for the clinic itself, analyzing how well the clinic is run and allowing doctors to concentrate on their medical practices, without needing to worry about all of the extra details.