Marketing & Distribution

Berund Marketing & Distribution is a very important division of Berund Soft . When an organization looks at markets outside their home country, there is a need for experts, who know the local market, government regulations, understand customers and industry dynamics and can guide organizations in their entry strategy.

This division focuses on analysis, planning ,strategizing,and execution of the marketing plan for product launches ,in the Indian market .

We act as marketing agents for manufacturers worldwide. We will introduce, promote and sell products here in India. Berund Marketing & Distribution saves you the stress of paperwork for importing products from different countries around the world into India.

Berund Marketing & Distribution is currently engaged in the marketing and distribution of one of the top medical air purifiers in the world NQ air ,USA. We are also distributors of medical software products like EMR . With a strong dealer network across India, we are everywhere our customers need us to be.

We bring over 30 years of business experience and knowledge of distribution in India to our customers. Contact us now to begin receiving the world-class services your company deserves!

Organizations wanting to do business in India come to us because of our expertise, experience and integrity, which would help them reduce the risks of entering the Indian market, reduce the time to market and also lower their costs.