Odor guard for Cars



What is Odor Guard, Odor Eliminating Screen?

The Odor Eliminating Screen or "Sunscreen" was developed utilizing Titanium Dioxide photo catalyst suspended in nano particle form in water. The ready to use screen (4*12” plastic molded frame with suction cups or straps) is a platform for the TI02 to adhere to on a molecular level forming a very durable; lasting bond that resists moisture, heat and abrasion. The screen is an actual “deodorizer / eliminator” and not a perfume or masking device such as most automobile "deodorizers" sold on the market. The screen also acts as a disinfectant killing bacteria, viruses and molds. This patented technology is designed to be unobtrusive (it does not emit any smells or odors) and is long lasting (it is long lasting, approximately 2 years of constant use). The screen comes pre-coated, ready for use. Just expose to UV light, natural sunlight or fluorescent light to activate.

Why does my Vehicle smell?

Airborne particulates generated by outgassing of synthetic materials such as vinyl dashboards, seat covers or carpets, pets can cause many different odors in your vehicles that can be very difficult to remove. Most air freshners or odor eliminators simply mask the smells creating a temporary solution and do nothing to permanently disinfect and deodorize your Vehicle .

How does it work?

A photo catalytic reaction occurs when UV light, either natural (the sun) or artificial fluorescent or black light lights) reacts with a material that contains certain forms titanium dioxide to create oxidizing agents (hydroxyl radicals) that decompose (breakup) all organic material and chemicals like ammonia in urine. The photo catalytic reaction converts organic matter (oils, bio film, grime, mold, bacteria, viruses, and micotoxins) to water and trace amounts of carbon dioxide.

Ti02 coatings are clear, colourless, environmentally friendly water-based suspensions of nano-sized particles of photoactive Ti02 (Titanium dioxide- a common earth mineral).

The coating consists of a 1% solution (in liquid form) with a PH level of between 7.0 and 7.5 (neutral) and a VOC level of 0% when cured. The screen is made from a stainless mesh surrounded by a plastic frame. The finished screen surface is inert and does not off gas (Pollute) or degrade under any normal conditions. There are no chemicals or surface residues that will erode or flake off.

The T102 material is already coated on the screen and ready to use immediately. The screen surface is Nano particle- bonded; ultra thin mineral film layers that highly durable, self cleansing, odor killing and germ resisting. The product is used in vehicle and can also be used in toilets, interior living and working spaces.

There is no power needed, no special handling required, only the interior space and UV light are needed. Only 0.00005 lumen (Moon Light gives 0.2 lumen) is required to keep the screen activated. The screen does the rest.


How to use and maintain ?
Remove Odor Guard from bag
  • Activate the Odor Guard by exposing to the sun for 30 seconds.
  • Wrap bands around visor
  • For maximum efficiancy,remove and expose the screen to sunlight once week.
  • Odor Guard mesh should be cleaned with a wet brush once every month(with water only).


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