BerundSoft has signed up exclusive distribution contract with NQ Air, USA to market its high end air purifiers in the India market.


Founded in 1993 to develop and market products for air purification, NQ Industries, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of indoor air quality products. With products targeting medical health facilities, residential, industrial, and military sectors of the market, NQ Industries continues to provide high efficiency air filtration and sterilization devices for commercial and residential applications."Our philosophy has always been to provide high efficiencies and safe maintenance for systems that are easy to use, quickly deployable, and economically viable," says CEO and President, Bill Carey.

Used in doctors' offices and operating rooms across the world, NQ Clarifier air purifiers have been recommended for patients suffering from asthma and allergies. In fact, NQ Industries supplied several air purifiers during the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong and Canada in 2003.

NQ Industries, Inc. began as a manufacturer of tuberculosis (TB) isolation units for use in hospitals and homeless shelters. When a New England based hospital approached Carey in 1996 because a hospital employee contracted the TB virus while working, Carey was compelled to find a solution. Carey's grandmother had died from the disease many years ago, and both his mother and great aunt contracted the disease in the 1920s, driving Carey to create NQ Industries.

Using the latest Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and CDC Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, NQ Industries, Inc. developed a line of air treatment systems that eradicated the airborne TB virus and other dangerous viral and bacterial pathogens in the air. NQ Industries provided a simple and economical solution for the hospital and their employees.

Formerly distributed under the name CARE 2000, the NQ Clarifier and Clarifier Medical are the only residential air purification systems that eliminate airborne contaminants likes odors, chemicals, gases, bacteria, pollen, dust mites, tobacco smoke, and pet dander with hospital-grade efficiency.

Now an international company trading in over 23 countries, NQ Industries is still locally based in Rocky Hill, CT with only eight employees. "We have greatly streamlined our production capabilities, improved our internal organization, and kept the one thing we have prided ourselves on from the first day we opened our doors 'satisfaction of the customers' needs," adds Carey.

Although NQ Industries has several local facilities that handle their manufacturing processes, all units are constructed by hand and work is done on a unit to unit bases. With over 14 years in operation, NQ Industries has never had a recall on a product or had a customer return a product due to failure.

"We operate in a cellular format, conforming to ISO [International Standards Organization] standards. We are a final assembly shop with all electrical operations, testing and certifications made on all our units before they ship out to the customer. We have never had a recall in the 14 years we have been in business. That is hard for anyone to say in this market," says Carey.

NQ Industries continues to demonstrate their commitment to consumers and the environment by ensuring that over 70% of all units are recyclable. Unlike some competitors who use non-recyclable plastics, each NQ Clarifier unit is constructed of steel, coconut shell carbon, and inert materials, guaranteeing that their customers will only receive gas-free, particle-free, and germ-free air. "There is no such thing as too-clean air. We strive to deliver the cleanest air possible," says Carey.

Hailed by pet owners everywhere, NQ Clarifier air purifiers continue to turn heads, and they are recommended to not only eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria but also to eliminate pet odors, hair, and other contaminants that latch onto your pets.

As one of only a few air purifier companies to offer a Five-Step filtration process, NQ Industries utilizes a range of patented high-quality technologies to ensure the best possible solutions to your air cleaning needs. With the use of Ultra Violet Photo Catalytic Oxidation (UVPCO), Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), a Particulate Pre-filter, an Activated Carbon filter, a HEPA filter, and a Carbon impregnated post filter, the NQ Clarifier air purifier absorbs a wider spectrum of allergens, gases, viruses, and bacteria than any other air purifier we offer.

"We designed this process to make sure we could deliver the cleanest air from our units. We do not have our products made outside of our control or outside of the country. If mistakes are found we correct them here in our main facility. It costs us more to produce but we have a superior product compared to the rest of the competition," adds Carey.

Developed first by NQ Industries, the single pass UVGI kill chamber is second to none in the air purification industry. While most competitors who employ the UVGI technology only use it on the surface of the filter (thereby not effectively utilizing the technology), NQ Industries air purifiers include the UVGI in a cyclone pattern, providing an effective kill rate for TB, SARS, and other pathogens in a single pass through of the unit.

Also developed and patented by NQ Industries, the discharge air pattern of the NQ Clarifier air purifier is designed to push air from the discharge of the unit to effectively circulate the air within a give space. This pushed air ensures complete airflow within the room and delivers the dirty air back to the unit for cleaning. The discharge air pattern is comprised of high air velocity coming from the top of the NQ unit that will divert and mix with the low velocity of airflow coming from your home or building supply registers. As the air mixes within the NQ unit, the room is no longer filled with stagnant, dirty air; instead, clean, fresh air circulates throughout the room.

"The airflow is one of the most important features of the unit. Improper airflow ruins any unit's performance and will subsequently lessen the effectiveness of the device in removing contaminants," says Carey.

In addition to the patented airflow pattern, the patented UVGI single pass technology, and the HEPA filtration, NQ Clarifier air purifiers offer an Activated Carbon Filtration System. The Activated Carbon Filtration System effectively captures odors, gases, and fumes using a process called oxidation. The oxidizer, potassium permanganate, adds oxygen to the airborne molecules, chemically transforming them to control odor and reduce gas and offensive fumes (without generating ozone or off-gassing).

By combining the activated carbon and potassium permanganate in a well-engineered air purifier, NQ Clarifier customers receive the ideal solution to their odor problems. This ingenious technology is not the only thing that sets NQ Industries apart from their competitors . . .

"We are not going to lessen the quality of our products for the sake of saving a few dollars. We still make all our units by hand and test them one at a time. Again, it's costly, but you get in return a very good quality product. Too many products are less expensive, but you get what you pay for," says Carey.

So if you're interested in an air purifier that provides protection against not only airborne allergens like pollen, dust mites, tobacco smoke, and pet dander, but also bacterial and viral microorganisms, then you've come to the right place. The NQ Clarifier UV and the NQ Clarifier Medical provide the most advanced filtration systems money can buy.

By never skimping on customer satisfaction or effective technology, NQ Industries guarantees an air purifier to satisfy your every need. Find exactly what the doctor ordered in an NQ Clarifier air purifier.